It’s all about trust - Yes, it’s true that Designers are salespeople, but it’s a common saying in the business world that people don’t buy from companies, people buy from people.  So, be sure to look only for companies that come highly rated for customer satisfaction, and even more importantly - make sure you get to know the Designer who comes to your home.

 A Designer who doesn’t listen to you is just another salesman!

A trustworthy Designer should have your best interests at heart and never be a pushy salesperson!  Here are the key characteristics of a Designer who is there to help facilitate, not pressure you into a sale:  

  1. Your Designer respects your time - A professional, non-salesy Designer will always communicate with you when they are on their way to your home.  She or he will call to confirm the date and time with you a day in advance, and communicate with you promptly if they are running late due to traffic!

  2. Your Designer is up front about costs - A designer who represents their company well will be totally honest about the costs associated with the changes you want to make down to the penny!  Be prepared to spend some quality time with your Designer going over the broad strokes and the details of your remodel. The price that they quote you will include everything from labor to the model of the fixtures you pick!  There should be no hidden fees associated with the remodel once you get your written agreement!

  3. Your Designer will be a good listener -  The Designer who comes to your home should be all ears to listen to what you have to say, your preferences, and your concerns about the remodel.  A knowledgeable and experienced Designer knows that to build trust they have to prove to you that your needs come first. Your Designer should be taking notes and giving thoughtful answers to all of your questions - never rushing you!

  4. Your Designer will show you all of your options, including the most cost-effective options, and never pressure you into an up-sell.  If you’re remodeling on a budget (most of us are!) and you’ve discussed this with your Designer, thensheshould be absolutely respectful of your situation.  Your Designer should help you to select the best quality options for your budget and longevity of the product, not just forher own financial benefit!  

  5. A knowledgeable Designer will have answers to all of your questions readily available - On the off chance that they immediately do not know the answer to an inquiry, a responsible Designer will find out for you and never leave you hanging with either any unanswered questions or gaps in information!  Honest companies have nothing to hide and they want to answer all of your questions about products and company policies, so that you will make a well-informed decision that works best for you!

There you have it, the 5 key characteristics you should look for in a non-salesy Designer to know that you are interviewing a company that will do excellent work, honestly, and to your satisfaction!  Remodeling can be stressful enough, you want to know that you are in good hands as you go through this rewarding journey!

Happy Remodeling!

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