It’s good to have options, but sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you don’t know which choice is best for you. If you’re planning a shower remodel and need some help deciding which design suits the needs of your home, then you’re in luck. 

Here’s some useful information about the features of different shower types. Which features are most important to you? 

Bath and Shower Combos

A bath and shower combo provides a basic tub and shower in one. Many families prefer this traditional style because it’s able to meet the needs of varying ages. For example, small children are difficult to bathe in a shower, so a bath is necessary. On the other hand, older children and adults might prefer the convenience of a quick shower. With a combination design, everyone gets what they need. 

Stand-Alone Showers

If a bathtub is seldom used in your home, then you might want a stand-alone shower. There are multiple shower styles to choose from depending on your taste and budget, and you can complete the look with custom shelves, built-in seating, and more. Sometimes you might need a tub-to-shower conversion if you’re trading out your current bath, but that’s no problem for the right remodeler. 

Walk-In Showers

When bathing becomes difficult or dangerous because of limited mobility, then a walk-in shower provides the solution you need. Walk-in showers feature low barriers that prevent water from escaping your shower while making it easier for you to get in and out. You can enhance your experience with grab bars, flexible shower heads, and shower seats. If you need a wheelchair accessible shower, go with a roll-in shower design. 

Neo-Angled Showers

Do you want a new shower but have limited space to work with? A neo-angled shower is made for corner spaces, providing you with the shower you want without taking up too much room. As with any stand-alone shower, you have many options when it comes to colors, patterns, and accessories. Just make sure you choose a reliable contractor that offers quality products suitable to your taste and budget.

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