Your bathroom at home is one of the few places where you can count on time to be completely alone. Because of this, it makes sense for it to be a cool, quiet retreat--a place of spa-like sophistication. A place like this could elevate your daily routine, giving you a few minutes of calm amidst the busy chaos of your day. 

However, if your bathroom features outdated appliances and cracked or dingy surrounds, it can be difficult to think of it as a place you can truly relax. Fortunately, if you’re able to work with a top-tier bath remodeling company, you might be able to give your home a bathroom makeover without spending too much time, energy, or money. 

If you’re fantasizing about a tub-to-shower conversion that can give your bathroom a serious upgrade, don’t hesitate! You can save money on your bath remodel if you do it strategically. Here are the four best ways we’ve found to save money on a bath remodel: 

  1. Limit the accessories you need. With modern bath remodeling companies, you’ll have the option to deck out your new walk-in tub or shower with anything you’d like, from storage options to deluxe showerheads, no-slip bars and more. While all of those are wonderful to have, if you’re trying to save money, think carefully about how many upgraded accessories you really need to enjoy your new bathroom. 

  2. Choose plain colors and patterns. The more intricate and vibrant colors and patterns usually cost a little bit more than more commonly-ordered bathroom colors, such as pastels and neutrals. As an added bonus, if you choose to outfit your bathroom with a more neutral base, it will likely look better for longer than if you play to current, bolder trends. 

  3. Decide not to opt for customizations. All the bath and shower installs we offer are built-to-order and will match your home’s exact specifications. However, beyond that, it’s likely simplest to work with options we already have, instead of customizing your new appliance further. At any rate, it’s a good idea to go with simpler options now, and add in accessories and customizations later as your budget permits. 

  4. Consider financing options carefully. If you’re working with a trusted bathroom remodeler, you’ll likely be able to take care of financing promotions. Speak with the financial specialists at your bath remodeler and see if they’re able to help you out with lower payments and other forms of assistance. 

When you’re going through your bathroom remodel offers, remember that this is an investment that will add value to your home--and your life. While home renovations are known to be overwhelming and expensive, if you work with the right bath remodeling company, the process can be stress-free and even fun! 

For your upcoming bath remodel on a budget, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay. We offer walk-in showers, tubs, and more that will make your bathroom as beautiful as can be! Call our friendly team today for more information or simply fill out our brief online form to request a free quote.