Small spaces make great storage, and in some homes, they can make good bathrooms. The problem is that too many homes have been designed with small bathrooms as an afterthought or a compromise. But all it takes is a little bit of innovative engineering, and we can make the most of those small spaces so that they don’t feel like a compromise.

Space-Efficient Smaller Bathtub Options

A standard bathtub is five feet long. In a small bathroom, It can be a challenge to find a wall long enough to accommodate a full-size bathtub. The compromise that homeowners typically make is to forego the bathtub in favor of a standing shower that only requires three feet. But if that compromise makes you feel like you are giving something up, there are options for smaller bathtubs.

At Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay, we have smaller 4.5-foot compact bathtubs in a wide array of colors and styles. You won’t even notice the smaller size when you are able to enjoy a soak in the tub again! Another option for smaller bathrooms is a walk-in tub. The design of these innovative bathtubs is often a bit narrower than a standard bathtub.

Custom-Fit Smaller Shower Options

If the goal of your small bathroom remodel isn’t to include a tub, there are options for compact showers too. For example, converting an existing half bath with an awkward amount of available space is possible with a compact shower base and custom-fabricated shower walls. The standard size for a shower base with a center drain is 3-foot square. But some compact options are as slim as 30-inches square. With the full line of Luxury Bath colors and patterns available, we can create a stylish space in the slimmest of nooks. And door options are typically not a problem for smaller showers either. Narrow shower doors range in size from 29 inches to 47 and a half inches.

Well-Designed Neo-Angle Showers

Sometimes great design breaks the rules just a little bit. And that is the case with the neo-angle shower. While most showers are perfectly square or rectangular in shape, the neo-angle shower softens the harsh lines with an angled door—creating the illusion of more space in the shower and in the bathroom. With a neo-angle shower design, you get the same great quality from Luxury Bath products, including an easy-to-install, durable shower base and custom-fabricated shower walls.

Convenient Wall Storage Solutions

The make or break element of any small bathroom isn’t the aesthetic or the choice between a bathtub or shower—it is the availability of storage. That is why Luxury Bath offers a selection of built-in shelves and caddies that provide versatile storage for all of their products. Don’t overlook adding these important accessories during the design consultation, or you will be bending over to pick your shampoo up off the floor.

You don’t have to struggle with a small bathroom or invest in a costly expansion to make things work better. Sometimes a simple bathroom remodel with the right products like a compact bathtub, or neo-angled shower can make all of the difference.

Fill out an online request for an in-home consultation. Our Tampa Bay team of small bath design experts will take measurements and create a custom bath/shower solution to fit your space perfectly.