This is an infamous remodeling dilemma that many homeowners face when they finally choose to transform their bathrooms. Very often, we get a few inquiries from worried homeowners about if and how we can handle the window in the bath/shower stall. If you have been wondering whether you can revamp your bath or shower stalls with a window, the answer is yes. When done by the best professionals or bath remodeling companies, the task can be easy and flawless. Here's all you need to know about remodeling bath/shower areas that have windows:

Pros of Windows in Bath/Shower Areas

  • Having a window in your shower can be a beautiful addition. First, it lets in natural light and gives your bathroom a nice, bright airy feel to it. 
  • Windows will also improve the ventilation in your bathroom by supplying fresh air. This is also important for eliminating mildew.
  • Bathroom Windows come in various designs, colors, and shapes. The window in your bathroom can dramatically elevate the décor and make it look polished. 

Cons of Windows in Bath/Shower Areas

  • You have to deal with a lack of privacy.
  • Windows in close proximity to your water source or bath stall may cause water to leak into the windows and into the walls.
  • Difficulty whenever you decide to renovate. 

How We Remodel Shower/Bath Area With Windows 

Custom Measured Bath/Shower Walls: A proper remodeling contractor would first inspect your shower areas, noting the type of window installed, the type of marble/tile used, and several other important details. The findings of this in-house consultation will then be sent to our factory, where we will build custom-fitted walls. It's also worth noting that our walls are designed to counter the cons of having walls in your bathroom wet areas. 

Window Trim for Bath/Shower Walls: Our professional installers are careful when it comes to protecting your bathing area windows. While we build custom-fit walls, we also include protective, durable, and mildew-resistant window trim like our custom-fit acrylic trim. Our trims can also be customized to match your bathroom's colors and aesthetic. 

Shower Doors That Let Light Shine Through: Your windows don't have to do all the work of letting light into your bathroom. To keep the space light and airy, consider replacing your curtain rods with sleek and modern shower doors that let the light flow in. We offer a wide variety of shower door styles, like  

  • The Bypass Slider Door
  • Barn Style Door with Premium Base
  • Shower Swing Door for a More Dynamic Look
  • Our Platinum Brand Shower By-Pass Door with High-Quality S-Curve Glass.

Our doors also come with beautiful and durable door finishes ranging from our brand new brushed gold finish and matte black to our classic brushed nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze. There's always plenty to choose from, so we make sure your bathroom is exactly how you dreamed it would be. 

Dress Up Your Other Bathroom Windows: While we perfect the wall replacement around the windows in your bath/shower area, we can also dress up windows outside of it. Elevate the look of those windows by adding protective trim (wainscoting) for a more polished look. 

Get More from Your Bath Remodel with Luxury Bath

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