If you have a smaller bathroom in your home, you may be curious about how you can maximize the space. Small bathrooms give you fewer options for your bathtub and showers, as you want to still have walking space. 

However, you can still select a bathtub or shower that suits a smaller bathroom. This article will cover some of the best bathtub and shower solutions for a smaller bathroom. 

Space-Saving Bathtub Options

While bathtubs can take up a lot of space in a bathroom, there are compact bathtubs available for your project. Depending on your bathroom's layout, you can choose a freestanding, corner, or other style of bathtub.

When choosing a bathtub, you should understand the dimensions of your bathroom space. The bathtub should fit correctly and not have any leaks that could result in water damage or mold growth. 

Innovative Shower Designs

Showers are a more versatile bathing option that you can fit into bathrooms of all sizes. If you have a small bathroom, a walk-in shower or frameless enclosure can fit perfectly into the space. 

When you have limited space in the bathroom, a door likely can't swing outwards, so a sliding door would be a better option. Additionally, you can increase storage space by adding built-in storage within the shower and stacking it vertically. 

Bathtub and Shower Combos

Achieve the best of both worlds by investing in a bathtub and shower combo for your home's bathroom. If you have space for a bathtub, you can add a shower head into the bathing area, which gives you the freedom to choose. 

A bathtub and shower combo is best for homeowners who have only one bathroom on the property. These two essential features can be added without expanding the bathroom or demolishing areas of the room. 

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