Optimizing Bathtub and Shower Designs in Basement Bathrooms

When it comes to basement bathroom construction, there can be a lot of restrictions and permanent fixtures to work around. This all depends on the layout of your home, the size of your basement, and your preferences as a homeowner. Let's go over some of the best bathtub and shower solutions to install a full bathroom in your Florida basement.

Bathtub and Shower Solutions for Florida Basements

Although basements in Florida are relatively uncommon, there are plenty of homeowners who do have basements where the water table is lower. Making the most of your existing space is a great way to optimize the function and living space of your entire home.

Instead of building an addition to accommodate another bathroom, consider adding one to your basement for a more affordable result. Here are some of the best solutions for basement bathrooms:

  • Tub/Shower Combos: A tub/shower combo unit is a great way to optimize the space of your basement bathroom while getting the most out of it. Enjoy being able to take both a shower and a bath with this convenient installation.
  • Shower Installation: A freestanding corner shower unit is a great way to maximize space in an extremely small bathroom. This unit can accommodate the smallest square footage and give your family an additional space to get ready in the morning.
  • Walk-in Shower: A walk-in shower with a low/low threshold base and no shower door is a great way to use the space more efficiently. This also allows individuals with mobility concerns to shower more safely if they have easy access to the basement.

Other Basement Bathroom Design Considerations

When it comes to your basement, finding the right fixtures to elevate the space can be imperative to the end result. Some tips for selecting a new tub or shower should ensure that the space feels warm and inviting while maintaining a clean and "sterile" feel.

For example, this can be accomplished using bright white fixtures, beautiful bronze hardware, and warm towel colors. No matter what style you're looking for, our team can provide an in-depth design consultation to achieve your basement bathroom dreams.

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