Having a few quiet minutes to yourself in your tub each day is supposed to bring you a sense of calm and relaxation, but that can be hard to achieve with an outdated and unstylish bathtub. As a leading Tampa Bay bathtub replacement company, we’ve taken countless lackluster tubs and transformed them into elegant and efficient baths for homeowners. If you’ve been considering a new bathtub, our favorite reasons to do are:

Update Your Bathroom’s Style

One of the most dramatic ways to add style to your bathroom quickly is a bathtub replacement. Because it is one of the most prominent features in your bathroom, a replacement tub instantly updates the beauty of your bathroom and existing decor without the hassle of a messy, lengthy remodel. 

Increase Comfort When Bathing

While some people have no difficulty lowering themselves into a bathtub, those with arthritis or other joint discomfort may find the process unpleasant. Replace your bathtub with a more modern, ergonomic model for added comfort when bathing. 

Age in Place

Installing a walk in tub is an easy and affordable way to facilitate aging in place. With our bathtubs for seniors, you won’t have to climb over high tub walls and lower yourself into a traditional tub anymore; you can just open a door and step in. Luxury Bath also features a wide range of bath accessories, like ADA-compliant grab bars, that further reduce the risks and discomfort associated with bathing. 

Custom Options to Suit Your Needs 

Get the design and functionality you need with our extensive selection of bathtub replacements. From size and color to wall surrounds and accessories, our design experts help you create a tub that perfectly suits your lifestyle. 

Ready to get started on your bathtub replacement? Get more information by contacting the experts at Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay. Call today or complete our quick online form to request additional information and your free, no-obligation estimate.