Bathing should be a relaxing experience, but if you suffer from limited mobility, it can often be more stressful than calming. Even if you don’t currently deal with accessibility issues, if you’re looking into bathroom remodeling for Tampa Bay, a walk in tub installation can be a great investment into the future of your health and bathing independence. As a trusted walk in tub company for Tampa Bay, your friends at Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay have some advice to share on why a walk-in tub might be the right purchase choice for you.


Whether you currently struggle with your range of motion or not, a walk-in bathtub makes tub entry and exit simple with a watertight door that allows you to skip stepping in or out of a high-walled bathtub. This means that you can be confident in your ability to bath independently for years to come, even as your body slow down and your range of motion decreases.


Did you know that falls are one of the greatest health risks for older adults? One bad slip can lead to other health issues, including a permanently reduced range of motion and lack of independent mobility. A walk-in tub can prevent your bathroom slipping hazard, with non-slip surfaces, built-in seating, and grab bars for extra security.

Health Benefits

The walk in bathtubs from Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay all come with built-in heated air system water jets that provide hydrotherapy for your body. This can greatly reduce muscle aches and body pain, as well as encourage better circulation and soothe arthritis inflammation, among a number of other bodily health issues.

Low-Maintenance and Affordability

Every walk in tub from Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay is made with a durable, nonporous material that is mold and mildew resistant, making your tub easy to clean and reducing added strain on your body. We also like to think of our tubs as an investment in your future, which is why all of our bathtubs are extremely durable and built to last for years to come, making them a cost-effective choice when considering a tub replacement.

When you’re ready to replace your current tub, don’t choose just any replacement bathtub. Invest in your future health and safety, and install a walk-in bathtub with Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay, today!