If you’re looking for a dramatic update but need to be conservative with funds (umm, most of us do!) then consider using bright, bold colors to make this change.  Although white is clean, classic, and can help even a small bathroom feel more spacious, using colors such as bright or dark blues, yellows, greens, and yes - even RED to elevate the dramatic feel of your bathroom is not out of the question - even for a smaller bathroom.  According to Clever Magazine,  it’s all in the pairing. 

Bold colors can engulf you in a tranquil mood, energize you for the day ahead, or even highlight the pleasing architecture of your home.  Paint can be a great way to simultaneously reduce the cost of your overall remodel while also giving you more options to play with! After all, you can paint a room and change-up accents and accessories in your bathroom far more easily and economically to reflect the season or your current mood than you can re-tile a wall to reflect your state-of-mind!

Here are a few bold colors to paint your bathroom that you may not have entertained before:  


Yup, PINK!  Now, before we get into any debates about feminine and masculine color-choice differences, remember that what you’re after is the feeling you get when you step inside your bathroom for some alone time.  The feeling deep in your gut that either signals your reaction as peaceful and joyous, or grates on your nerves like tires screeching to a stop against asphalt! That gut feeling!

Done right, and paired with colors such as deep grays, black, and white, pink can have a very soothing effect on the psyche.  You can add different shades of pink to your accents and accessories to play up the warmth and playfulness of the bathroom. Pairing different elements to a pink paint can add timeless depth and sophistication that you may not want to change for many years to come!  

Paint It Black 

No, black isn’t necessarily brooding, transporting you to the most upsetting corners of your mind.  Black can enliven, celebrate nature, and even bring relaxation to your mind depending on how you utilize its powers. Black can be either the primary focal color of your bathroom, or it can lend its intensity to highlight a different color of your choosing.  Let’s talk about making black the focal color here - with black, you can add white to give it a clean and graphic look. You can also pair it with other hues to liven-up your bathroom, giving it either a modern ambiance or a classic feel. Black is a great way to invite nature into your bathroom by adding plants and natural wood to make your own serene getaway!

Shabby Chic Blue

Yes, as Floridians the beach is always on our mind!  Even if the beach isn’t always easily accessible, you can bring indoors the same feeling of floating in the soft warmth of the sea with a foamy, shabby chic blue. Done right, a soft blue gives a spa-like feel and elevates the ambiance of any size bathroom.  When picking the ideal shade, stay away from baby blues and look for something with a bit of green in it which adds sophistication to the color. Doing this will make sure that you feel like you’re surrounded by the ocean rather than in a child’s room.

Whatever you decide, traditional, neutral, bold, or modern, make sure to find a Designer and a company that listens to your needs and has the resources to make your vision come to life!  For more design ideas, product and service information check out Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay’s website and set up a free consultation with an expert Designer!