If you’ve ever traveled, then you know the feeling of settling into a cozy hotel room. Doesn’t it seem like there’s something intuitive about the design that makes you feel welcome and relaxed? That’s because hotels put a great deal of effort into ensuring a positive stay for their customers, and that means every detail of your room is well planned. 

Do you want that same experience at home? Here are five great hotel inspired bathroom remodeling ideas that will get you off to a good start!

Be Bold, But Not Too Bold!

A pop of color can do a lot for your mood, especially when used tastefully. Think about adding a bright hue or two of complementary colors—even those you might not consider at first. For example, you might choose a bright yellow shower wall or trade out traditional white cabinets for red, orange, or green. 

Add a Tub to Your Standing Shower

Did you know that you don’t have to choose between a stylish standing shower and a soothing bathtub? Hotels that want customers to experience the best of both provide modern standing showers that have a tub built right in! If this seems a bit extreme for your average bathroom remodeling company, don’t fret. Look for professionals that provide bathroom conversions to get the expertise you need. 

Pair Complementary Patterns

This might seem a bit risky, but when done right you can combine a variety of patterns to create a unique yet charming look for your bathroom. For example, you might have walls with diamond shaped tile and rectangular or square tiled floors. You can also mix and match the shape of your bathroom mirrors, sinks, and wall fixtures. 

Let Natural Light Shine In

A bright space is a happy space, so it’s always a good idea to include some natural lighting if possible. Of course, privacy is important, so you should choose windows that are placed strategically or made from frosted glass. If adding windows is not an option, you could always add mirror and overhead lighting. 

What if you’re not sure which fixtures to choose? Professional remodelers know how to put you in the best light possible, both for relaxation and practical reasons like shaving or putting on makeup. 

Don’t Forget the Fabrics

Sometimes the most important details are the simplest. For a warm look and comfortable experience, don’t forget to invest in some nice towels. You can also add a cozy touch by hanging tapestries or throwing down some soft area rugs. 

Are you ready to transform your bathroom into a space that resembles a luxury hotel? For a quality bathroom remodeling experience at a price you can afford, reach out to Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay!