Wet rooms have been around for decades — and continue to be popular in homes across America. Even so, many of our customers at Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay aren’t sure what a wet room is exactly, or how this efficient and convenient remodeling choice can improve the quality and value of your bathroom. At Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay, we’ve been South Florida’s top choice for bathroom remodeling since 2005. We’ve performed countless wet room renovations for customers throughout the area, and are always happy to share information about how this project can improve your home. If you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom, we highly recommend considering a wet room design. Take a look at the following information on wet room remodeling from your expert remodelers at Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay and learn how you can benefit from this ultra-trendy remodeling idea.

What is a Wet Room?

If you’re not sure what a wet room is exactly, you’re not alone. While this bathroom remodeling style idea been trending for a while now, wet rooms have actually been around for decades. Even so, many people aren’t sure what a wet room is and how it’s different from a normal, traditional bathroom. Wet rooms are, to put it simply, waterproof bathrooms. It makes sense to waterproof the bathroom area, especially the areas that get wet frequently, like the shower, tub, and floor areas around them. The design of a wet room will vary from home to home, but essentially it will consist of a part of a bathroom that is either open or enclosed in glass. Inside the space will be a shower or a tub or both, with even floors and smooth, tiled surfaces from floor-to-ceiling. 

Why is a Wet Area Better Than a Traditional Bathroom?

Traditional bathrooms aren’t always made with waterproof materials, oddly enough—which means they require a lot more time and effort to keep clean and dry. However, even if you take extremely good care of your bathroom, water, including moisture and humidity in the air will eventually ruin even the best quality materials if they’re not engineered specifically for water exposure.Wet areas keep the wet places of your bathroom contained to one area, which means that every time you shower or bathe, water will stay confined in the space and eventually evaporate or go down the drain. This means that your cabinets, your vanity area. mirrors, wood frames, and other non-waterproof fixtures and materials that the rest of the bathroom is made with will stay dry.

What Do I Need to Know About Building a Wet Room?

The most important features of a wet room are the waterproof materials, a fast-flow drain, and if your bathroom space is on the smaller side, a shower screen or partition. This means that it’s likely your entire bathroom will be equipped with waterproof tiles made with stone, vinyl, or porcelain materials from floor to ceiling.

Wet room designs, when planned properly, can look very sleek, modern, and simple. If you love minimalist designs and hotel-style décor, a wet room bathroom can be an excellent choice for your home.

What About Safety and Accessibility?

One of the best features of a wet room is that it’s built for safety and accessibility—and can be ideal for the elderly, disabled household members, and other people living with low mobility issues. Wet rooms feature flat, barrier-free flooring and roll-in or walk-in shower or walk-in tub installations, and other custom options for easier accessibility.

If you plan to convert your bathroom into a more ADA-accessible space, make sure to let your contractor know your goals for the renovation. A reliable contractor will be able to suggest helpful add-ons and other options—like slip-free flooring, floor heating, grab bars, automatic faucets and more—for a truly customized wet room experience.

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