If you plan to host guests at your home, especially over the holiday season, making them feel welcomed and comfortable is always at the top of our wish list. Sometimes this means making either minor or major improvements to our layout. Other times, this means repairing a broken HVAC system or replacing older appliances for enhanced functionality or better aesthetics. 

Most guest bathrooms in homes are pretty basic, especially if they were built years ago. In the not-too-distant past, guest bathrooms and secondary bathrooms were an afterthought in most new homes—with most of the focus on quality and amenities going towards the master bathroom instead. 

Today, high-quality acrylic materials and waterproof flooring are just a few of the many attainable luxuries offered for all bathrooms in the house. If you’d like to make your bare-basics, aging, or deteriorating guest bathroom friendlier for guests, the good news is that it’s easy and affordable—and a great way to improve your home. In this guide, our bath experts at Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay will reveal a few of the most common remodeling projects you can do to make your bathroom better for company. 

Convert Your Tub into a Shower

To help make your bathtub or shower more accessible and safer for guests of all ages, converting your tub to a shower can provide many great benefits. With a bath conversion, you eliminate the need to step over a slippery porcelain tub wall which can be a hazard for those who have mobility or balance issues. Not to mention, this conversion can also upgrade your bathroom to more modern trends and help increase the value of the home.

Install an Upgraded Vanity

Nothing is worse than stepping into a bathroom with no storage space. Bathrooms need places to store extra toiletries, towels, medicines, and cleaning supplies to keep the bathroom maintained and well-stocked, especially if you’re having guests over. If your bathroom vanity is aging or unsightly, or if you’d like to update the décor, a new vanity replacement is a wonderful way to make a big change without a huge renovation. 

Not only will a new vanity help to add great aesthetics to the room, it can provide important storage and additional space for your guests to lay out any clothes, toiletries, and personal items they may need while using the bathroom and staying overnight in your home.

Upgrade Worn-Out Fixtures

With guest bathrooms not being used as much as other bathrooms in the house, worn-out fixtures can get overlooked. This can provide not only an unsanitary but a frustrating experience for guests who have to try to work with worn-out fixtures. This is one of the most affordable fixes that can be completed in an instant—and can make a world of a difference in functionality while improving your bathroom’s style at the same time.

Have New Flooring Installed

Since the bathroom is one of the areas where most people are going to be walking around barefoot, it is important that you have nice, no-slip flooring for them to step on. Ugly, deteriorating, mold-covered floors, or cracked or slippery flooring can present a health or injury hazard that can easily be avoided with floor replacement. The flooring of the bathroom is also one of the first things that many people notice in bathrooms, so having nice tile installed can dramatically improve the look of the entire space.

Consider a Shower-to-Tub Conversion

While a tub-to-shower conversion is one of the most popular upgrades for bathrooms, a shower-to-tub conversion may be more practical for those who need to bathe kids or who want a place to sit and soak. This can come in the form of a standard high-quality acrylic bathtub or a more advanced walk-in tub model. These are great for guest bathrooms as they provide versatility for any guest, young or old.

Bathroom Remodeling in Tampa Bay, Florida

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