No matter what else happens in the world, there’s one thing that you can be confident in: design trends are always changing. When it comes to trends in bathroom layouts, aesthetics, and fixtures, the changes are even more intense and cyclical. 

That’s why it’s so important for you to be up to date on what the current developments and styles are before you begin your bathroom remodel. The last thing you want is to finish a remodeling project and then discover that your dream design concept for your bathroom is both possible and popular. 

This Year’s Most Important Bathroom Design Trends 

As you consider remodeling your bathroom, here are a few trends that you will certainly want to keep in mind. 

Vibrant and Intense Colors

When you think of a bathroom you probably think of a very neutral, non-imposing color like light grey, white, or a very light blue. However, that is becoming less and less the norm. More and more, bathroom designers are electing to utilize vibrant and intense colors (think black, purple, and even red). Most often, these colors are used in complementary roles with a more neutral color, but people are getting more comfortable with the idea of using a bold hue as the primary color as well. 

Decorative Tiles

Again, when you think of a traditional bathroom you probably think about boring square tiles on the floor, and maybe the walls. More and more, however, people are turning to more stylized tiling. Whether it’s simply unique and more attractive shapes or more intense colors, there are plenty of ways to spice up the tiling in your bathroom. 

Spacious Bathing Systems 

One of the most important developments in terms of functionality is the continued increase in bathtub and shower size. When it comes to luxury bathing, people expect to have spacious, comfortable spaces. Whether that means expanding your shower enclosure or installing a stand-alone, walk-in tub, you can’t go wrong by increasing the size of your bathing system. 

Floating Vanities

Another major development in the world of bathroom design is the floating vanity. Instead of a typical vanity that starts at the floor and runs up the wall, floating vanities are connected to the wall and don’t extend all the way to the floor. While this does decrease the amount of storage slightly, the aesthetic appeal is simply stunning. 

Wooden Accents and Fixtures 

In terms of design trends, everything is cyclical. That’s why wood is making a comeback as a major element in the most stylish of bathrooms. From vanities to cabinets to flooring, light brown polished wood is one of the most stylish and popular choices right now. 

At Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay, we keep up with all the current trends in bathroom designs so that we can provide comprehensive and modern bathroom systems to our customers. From installing beautiful and spacious walk-in showers to planning and completing a complete overhaul with exclusive colors and patterns, we specialize in creating dream bathrooms. Give us a call today to learn more!