According to the CDC, about one in four senior adults will experience a slip-and-fall injury. Most of these occur in the bathroom while attempting to use the bathtub or shower. If you want to reduce the risk of injury to yourself or a senior loved one, then making your bathroom more accessible should be the priority. Below are three of the best ways to make your bathroom easier and safer to use for those with limited mobility.

Install a Walk-In Bathtub

If you don’t want to give up your bathtub to make your space more accessible, then a walk-in tub might be just what you need. Walk-in baths feature low-barrier entry; just open the door and step in! Other features might vary depending on the brand and model that you choose, but some additional benefits that you might enjoy include:

  • Wide Entry Doors
  • Water Jets
  • Heated Seating

Invest in a Roll-In Shower

When you need a shower that is accessible via wheelchair, a roll-in shower is your best option. If you don’t need wheelchair access, then a walk-in shower is a great option for you. Both are made with your safety in mind, and there are many benefits that can make your daily life a little easier and much more comfortable including:

  • Built-In Seating
  • Adjustable Showerhead
  • Durable, Low-Maintenance Acrylic

Add Hardware for Stability

Once you have decided on your tub or shower, it’s time for the finishing touches. Install safety grab bars in the shower and next to the toilet and update your knobs so that they operate using an easy, push-pull motion. You can also change out your showerhead into a handheld version for greater range of motion and control.

Need Help with Your Accessibility Remodel?

Taking a bath or shower should be an enjoyable experience, not a chore or a threat to your safety. If you need an accessible bathroom in Tampa, contact Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay today. You can give us a call to speak with a helpful member of our team or use our online form to request a free, no-obligation consultation and project cost estimate now!